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Touch is an American supernatural thriller television series, written and created by Tim Kring. It stars Kiefer Sutherland, and debuted on Fox on January 25, 2012, before beginning to air regularly on March 22, 2012. Thirteen episodes have been ordered for the first season, with two-episode season finale to air on May 31, 2012 

Critical reception
The show has been met with generally positive reviews, and currently holds a Metacritic score of 63/100.
Michael Landweber of PopMatters called the show "stunningly effective" and praised "its mix of spirituality and science, familial and global struggles." He also noted that "The boy’s narration, unnervingly matter-of-fact about the nature of the universe, takes on more power when he reveals that in 11 years, he has never spoken a word."
In a review in the New York Post, Linda Stasi said "If you can’t get enough of number sequences and universal cylindrical patterns that constantly repeat, then for sure you’ll repeat the pattern of watching Fox’s new show....It is intriguing, and it’s great to have Sutherland back on TV" but felt "frankly, it’s awfully complicated."
Lori Rackl, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said the show "operates on the mind-blowing premise that people around the world are linked to one another and their lives intersect — with potentially major repercussions." She finished the review saying it "delivers a suspenseful ride around the world, peppered with some tear-jerking moments. The bar has been set high. Here’s hoping “Touch” continues to reach it."
Kiefer Sutherland's performance has also been met with praise, with Landweber saying "He plays the part with such a combination of intensity and subtlety that we are drawn deep into Martin’s suffering, and rather than judging him, we feel with him. Every trial is etched in his face. He imbued Jack Bauer with similar stoicism, but Martin seems less resilient, more distressed."