Walking Dead Season 3 - Episode 4 "Killer Within"


The episode starts off with Andrew (unknown at the time) cutting the locks to all the gates and attracting in Walkers. Hershel is up on his feet thanks to his crutches. While the group is admiring Hershel, they are attacked by zombies. Most of the men are in the outer prison yard and are unable to get to the others before the group is separated. While escaping Lori goes into labor and they escape into a broiler room. Meanwhile, Michonne finds blood on the military vehicles brought back and confronts the governor. Michonne tells Andrea that they must leave but Andrea is still unsure. Andrea shares more information with Merle on the whereabouts of his brother the last place she saw him. He decides he wants to go find his brother. The Governor tells Merle that if he can get more concrete information he will help Merle himself. Back at the prison T-Dog is bitten by a walker and sacrifices his life to save Carol. Andrew is alive and attacks Rick, leaving Oscar to choose who he shoots. Reluctantly, he shoots Andrew and gains Rick's trust. Meanwhile, Lori is unable to vaginally give birth to her baby. Lori knows she is going to die and insists that Maggie delivers the baby via C Section. Lori passes out and is assumed she died. Carl and Maggie decide that she must be shot so she does not change. Maggie and Carl walk back out to the prison yard where Rick sees the baby. The episode ends with Rick mourning his wife's death, and Carol's whereabouts unknown.